Kyusu Banko-Yaki / 萬古焼 急須


After a long day, what would be more relaxing than a warm cup of Japanese tea.  

In times like this, our "Banko-yaki Soko-ami teapot" makes its appearance.

The slightly coarse texture is soothing, and the adorable round shape fits perfectly in one’s hand.  


Banko-yaki is a traditional earthenware originating in Mie Prefecture.  Its history goes back approximately 300 years.  

It is said that the name Banko-yaki comes from the "Banko-Fueki (萬古不易)" stamp imprinted on the teapots. 

"Banko-Fueki (萬古不易)" meaning never changing eternal life (of precious items).The more you use the teapot, the glossy lustrous texture of the Shidei(*1) becomes apparent.  


It’s not just the design and style of the teapot,

but using this teapot also reduces bitterness and makes the tea mellower.  (*2)

What a user friendly teapot !


Today, we will brew Deep steamed green tea [Fukamushi - HANA].

The capacity 180ml is perfect for tea for two in a small teacup.  

Place a spoonful of  [Fukamushi - HANA] in the teapot.  

Let boiling water cool (70-80℃) then pour into the teapot. 

30 seconds later,  the tea leaves will freely spread inside the teapot.  

Tilt the teapot back horizontally from time to time, and pour small amounts at a time.  


The last drops of tea which are rich in flavor is called the "Golden Drop". 

When pouring this "Golden Drop", the greatest characteristic of this teapot can be appreciated.  

A "net" is located at the "bottom"of the teapot. Therefore called a "Soko-ami" type meaning "Bottom-net" teapot.  


Tasty tea full of nutrients,  gather in the small space between the net and the bottom of the teapot.   

This makes it easier to pour the tea into the teacup.

Deep steamed tea with a vivid green color,  and a rich and mellow taste is now ready to be enjoyed.  Oh how I regretted not knowing about this teapot before !


Of course this teapot can be used for other types of tea too.

These teapots are easy to care for.  Basically you just have to rinse it with water after use.  

The wide opening makes it easy to wash, and will make you want to use the teapot everyday.  

This teapot is currently being used at the Cafe on the second floor of the Kimikura Headquarters.  

Please stop by, and try out this amazing teapot.

A small but reliable item ! 


*1."Shidei" is the typical clay used to make Banko-yaki teapots.  Contains iron which turns into a purplish brown color when specially baked without coating ink.  

*2.The iron in the clay used to make the teapot, reacts to one of the bitterness components tannin in the tea.  This is said to reduce the bitterness of  the tea. 


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