Cold brew tea with Filter-in Bottle

Just as it’s still warm at the end of autumn, I long for a nice glass of cold brewed Japanese Tea. But brewing tea with hot water and letting it cool, can be time consuming and a hassle.

This is when I use this Filter-in Bottle

The simple and stylish design, is like an interior ornament that decorates the dining table. The bottle is made of glass and has a silicone lid which prevents leakage.


It is very easy to use !

1.Put tea leaves into the bottle and pour water up to the scale mark.(Approximately 6g of tea leaves for 300ml of water.)

2.Store in the refrigerator 1~2hours.  

3.Gently sway the bottle and pour the tea into the glass.

You can enjoy cold brewed Japanese Tea in just these 3 steps.

No hassle of using a teapot or boiling water. Tea brewed with water has a mild taste with no bitterness.

The filter mesh at the top of the bottle, ensures that the tea leaves stay in the bottle when pouring the tea.


Today, I used tea named HANA-Deep steamed Green tea which is produced in Kakegawa, Shizuoka, JAPAN.

HANA-Deep steamed Green tea is the most popular tea in Japanese Tea KIMIKURA which is rich in sweetness and umami, and has with a hint of astringency.

No need to mention it is delicious when prepared with hot water. But when it is brewed with water, the umami and rich taste of the tea becomes more apparent !


Cleaning the bottle after use is also very simple.

The bottle, filter mesh and the lid can all be easily removed. This makes it easy to carefully wash each of the parts.

In addition, the bottle is made of glass which ensures that the color and odor of the previous drink does not stay on the bottle.

Therefore, it can also be used to enjoy English Tea, Chinese Tea, Herb tea as well as other teas. Also, you can put your favorite fruits and vegetables and water in the bottle to make your very own detox-water.

There are so many ways to enjoy this a amazing Filter-in bottle.

It is definitely a reliable item that can enrich your daily life.

We also offer 4 other types of Filter-in bottles. We hope you can find your favorite one !

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※Extraction time varies depending on the type of tea leaves used. Please adjust brewing time according to taste. Enjoy a richer flavor by brewing for about 6hours.

※Please drink the tea as soon as possible. The tea may become contaminated even when stored in the refrigerator.

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