Yawaraka Hoshi-imo (soft dried sweet potato)

In many cultures tea is often enjoyed with a confection. 

A delicious confection accompanied with a warm cup of tea is sure to make anyone smile.  


Today, let me introduce what I believe is the best combination of a delicious confection and Japanese green tea.  

First my favorite confection- Yawaraka Hoshi-imo (soft dried sweet potato)  

The cultivation of dried sweet potatoes originally started in the Enshu region in Shizuoka Prefecture.

This is where Kimikura’s group company owns a satsuma-imo (sweet potato) farm. A type of satuma-imo called Beniharuka,  which is known for its rich sweet taste is grown at this farm. No pesticides are used, and the satsuma-imos are cultivated using only organic fertilizers.  

The satuma-imos are carefully harvested, steamed, sliced and then dried to make Hoshi-imo.   


Kimikura’s Yawaraka Hoshi-imo is a beautiful golden color with a hint of white powdery sugar.  This powdery sugar is the natural sugar of the satsuma-imo that appears on the surface during the drying process.  Each hoshi-imo is about the size of an adult’s finger, but mostly longer. This shape makes it easy to eat directly from the package anytime anywhere.  

Once you take a bite of the hoshi-imo, the chewy texture and natural sweet flavor somewhat similar to chestnuts, makes this confection irresistible. But do not worry.  Hoshi-imo is a very healthy confection, rich in vitamins, dietary fibers, and many other nutrients. What is even better is, that it contains no cholesterol ! You can eat it without feeling too guilty.  


To accompany my favorite confection,  I always pour myself a warm cup of Genmai Green Tea with Matcha.  Kimikura’s Genmai Green Tea with Matcha is a perfect balance of Green tea, roasted brown rice, and Matcha (powdered green tea).  

You can enjoy this tea with your various senses. The fresh natural sweet taste, the rich roasted aroma, and the beautiful vivid green color can all be experienced in one cup. 

I cannot imagine anything better than a few sticks of Yawaraka Hoshi-imo to enjoy with this tea. The natural sweetness of the Yawaraka Hoshi-imo that spreads in your mouth, is refreshed by a few sips of this tea.  This will make you reach out for more and more. The flavour of the Yawaraka Hoshi-imo is enhanced by the Genmai Green Tea with Matcha, and vice versa. What a perfect match !


 A relaxing moment  with Kimikura’s Yawaraka Hoshi-imo and a cup of Genmai Green Tea with Matcha is definitely the highlight of my day.  And I am sure will be yours too.


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Yawaraka Hoshi-imo (soft dried sweet potato)

Genmai Green Tea with Matcha



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