Tuna sesame- Sencha crust

We first with the sauce. 

Fresh soy sauce mayonnaise

100 gram mayonnaise
1 tablespoon lime Juice
2 teaspoon soy sauce
10 leaves cutted coriander

  1. Mix the ingredients together and chill in the frigde.



Tuna in cube shape, 3,9 – 4,7 inches
2 tablespoon sesame seed
1 tablespoon black sesame seed
1 tablespoon Japanese Sencha green tea leaves
1 teaspoon black pepper
20 gram thin sliced onion

  1. Mix the sesame seeds, pepper and Sencha together.
  1. Roll the tuna in the sesame- Sencha mix and cover it on 4 sides.
  1. Put oil in a pan and make sure the pan is hot. You can check this by putting just a little water in the pan. If it makes a hissing sound, it has the good temperature. Bake the tuna on every side around 1 minute.

  1. Cut the tuna into 1 cm slices.

  2. Divide the sliced tuna on top of thin sliced onion. Add the soy mayonnaise with the tuna.

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