How to brew hot green tea

The right temperature and the right time draw out the best flavor of the tea.
Your regular tea will taste even better when you use the proper water temperature and time!
Take the time to prepare your tea and enjoy your company.
<Please refer to the chart below.>

When pouring teas in multiple cups,evenly distribute tea when pouring up to the last drop = golden drop!
For a second pot(二煎目:ni-sen-me), the hot water can be poured immediately into the teapot as the tea leaves are already opened.

☆About hot water     
Bring water to a boil. 5 minutes of boiling will help eliminate the chlorine smell. Fresh,soft water is recommended.
Let the water cool and settle before pouring into a teapot.
The water temperature fall around 10℃/50℉ by transfer boiled water into a tea cup or 湯冷まし:yuzamashi (special tea pot shaped bowl to cool water) one time.

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