Our story

Japanese Tea KIMIKURA is a retail brand of Maruyama Tea Products Corporation. Maruyama Tea is Japanese Tea producer & refiner founded. Our services run deep and are back since 1933
―We are a Japanese green tea and matcha designer ― 


" We will continue to serve as a bridge between production farmers and consumers " 
Our mission is to communicate the value of this wonderful beverage to the world, and it is a magnificent pleasure as a business operator to provide health promotion and peace of mind by doing so.



The beginning

MARUYAMA Tsujimatsu had been practicing Japanese Tea making in a company called “KYOYEKI-SHA” . He inherited its teachings and eventually led to the establishment of “Maruyama Tea” in 1933. On that occasion,he received its trade name of 『共 KYO』because many years of effort and talent for Tea were highly appreciated. 

Also he was given medal by the Emperor thanks to his contribute to the development to Kakegawa area and its tea industry.


Current business

< Tea producer with own tea gardens >

Our Tea masters strictly selecting for the delicacy of flavor, astringency, aroma and color by growing own tea gardens and visiting Maruyama affiliated farms which are located not only in Shizuoka also every Tea growing prefectures in around Japan.

< Tea refiner with State-of-Art Technologies >
Our factory is fully equipped with the State-of-Art Technologies and advanced products management system.

< Tea professional aiming revival of Japanese tea >
Domestic consumption of green tea is gradually declining. At this rate,this wonderful culture and tea farms might disappear. To break through this situation,we are challenging ; food events, overseas business, new products development and Tearoom KIMIKURA.

― We keep challenging to inherit this wonderful culture to the future ―


Quality control & Certifications

We introduced own quality control system checking by analytical equipment also by tasting professional of Japanese green tea to serve the best out of best Japanese green tea to our customers & consumers.