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Shizuoka is the homeland of tea in Japan producing the most tea in Japan.
A mild climate, mountain spring water, rich soil, and fresh air contribute nurtures the tea plants. Both tea and humans benefit from the natural environment of the countryside.

The month of May is a life affirming season and a time when new growth on the tea leaf is sprouting.
In the tea country Kakegawa, Shizuoka, beautiful green tea fields resemble a modern sculpture engraved on the ground.


Traditionally, the new crop is picked in early May on the 88th day (八十八夜)  after the first day of spring. Farmers begin picking tea leaves early in the morning when the new crop is soft and young. Fresh tea leaves oxidize immediately therefore they pick in small batches. Within one day, the farmers go back and forth from the fields to the factory to ensure the tea is processed at its peak of freshness.
Fresh tea leaves are steamed to prevent oxidation. The steaming softens the leaves. Light steaming is 30 - 60 seconds, deep steaming is 100 -140 seconds.
This is the most difficult work that the artisan had to pay attention.




Our Tea masters strictly selecting for the delicacy of flavor, astringency, aroma, and color by visiting Maruyama affiliated farms which are located not only in Shizuoka, Japan also every Tea growing prefectures in around Japan. 


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Tea can relax, rejuvenate and refresh the mind. Share the moment with yourself and others. Tea is enjoyed various ways.