KIMIKURA is 『貴美蔵』.
Workings of nature, wishes and craftmanships of farmers and manufacturer ―
KIMIKURA is a storehouse that these noble and beautiful things gather.
We hope everything you find and touch here will be great   


Factory direct Tea specialty store and cafe

Maruyama Tea Products Corporation opened Tearoom KIMIKURA opened next to its factories and laboratory in Kakegawa, Shizuoka. It was November 18th 2009 and this is 10th Anniversary of opening!
The first floor is a shop selling tea, matcha, Japanese sweets and tea utensils.
The second floor is Japanese café.

>> Who's Maruyama Tea Products Corporation?


Seasonal café menu

Enjoy extra fine Japanese tea, matcha and sweets changing each seasons.
You can relax and take your time with seeing Japanese garden from big windows.



Access and opening hour

<1F:Shop> AM10-PM7 (GMT +9) 
<2F:Cafe> AM10:30-PM6 (order stop:PM5:30)

CLOSE : Tuesday

Japan, Shizuoka, Kakegawa, Itasawa, 510-3