Cha koro - Tokoname yaki - Yakishime

Cha koro - Tokoname yaki - Yakishime

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Type Tokoname-Yaki / 常滑焼

Ceramic (Tokoname-Yaki)

Type of pattern

 Yakishime (Black)


φ 11.5 x H 11.5 cm

Place of manufacture Aichi prefecture (Tokoname), Japan

"Yakishime/焼締め" is a pottery fired at a high temperature, unglazed earthenware.

Relax Your Mind With Green Tea Fragrance.

<How to use>
1.Place a teaspoon of tea leaves on top of the tea incense burner.
2.Heat by candle    
3.Enjoy the scent.

※Candle is NOT included

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