[shincha 2019] Organic First Picked Sencha

Net weight 80g/2.8oz
Texture Loose leaf Tea
Place of origin 100% Japanese green tea from Tenryu,Shizuoka
Expiry date (unopened) 1 year after making

Astringency・☆・・・  Sweet,Deep 
Rich,Full   ・・・☆・  Soft,Refreshing

Organic tea is cultivated in tea gardens which avoid using chemical fertilizer and agricultural chemicals over 3years. Organic JAS(Japan Agricultural Standards) is a proof that shows the products is manufactured in tea gardens and factories inspected strictly by Registered Certifying Body.


Worldwide Shipping

Directly to you from Shizuoka, Japan with a tracking number.

Shipping charge

USD price on the chart is only a guide, invoice is made in JPY.
※Shipping to South America and Africa ; We charge additional 5$ to the price on the chart.


Skilled tea masters select and create carefully.


Directly to you from our tea factory with fresh.


Tearoom KIMIKURA is factory direct.
No unnecessary middleman.

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