Take a moment to enjoy the finest Japanese Tea experience with your five senses.
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Signature Products

Matcha 抹茶
New Selection from Japan wide
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緑茶 Green Tea
2020 the first flush
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Our Tea Selection

Kimikura offers a wide variety of tea, but did you know that they are originally made from the same tea leaves? Learn about each flavor and find your favorite.

We invite you to enjoy the fascinating world of Kimikura.
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Our Quality Control
How we ensure optimal safety of our products.
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Social Commitment
Always keeping in mind "Compassion for one another”
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Tea Master
Each tea has its own characteristic. At Kimikura, the artisan skills of our Tea Masters bring out the best of each tea.
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Tea Knowledge and Lifestyle

Discover the profound world of green tea.


Written by Kimikura staff for green tea lovers around the world.