Our Tea Masters
Maruyama / 丸山
Conveying the magnificence of Japanese Tea to customers around the world.
President of Maruyama Holdings. Was born into a family that made a living in green tea farming. He is the third generation president in the company, founded by his grandfather.
Yamamoto / 山本
Delivering the love, passion and devotion of the green tea farmers. Making the ultimate cup of green tea.
Won Gold prize in a Tea Refining Competition held in 2013. Born and raised in a green tea farming household, he devotes his time promoting the beauty of Kakegawa and its green tea.
Takahashi / 高橋
Producing Japanese Tea to fulfill and satisfy the spirit of those who drink it. Not as a beverage just to quench thirst.
Won First prize in a Tea Refining Competition held in 2015. Originally a Japanese cuisine chef, he immaculately uses all his five senses to make the very best tea.
The Tea Refining Competition is held every year in Shizuoka, the largest green tea producing district in Japan. Tea masters compete various techniques like sorting or roasting by using the same batch of Aracha (unrefined tea).
Our work
with farmers
We frequently visit tea farms to pursue taste together with the farmers, and to build a relationship of mutual trust.
creation of taste
We strictly check the quality of Aracha which is the foundation of all our green tea production.
We use all our five senses to constantly check and make fine adjustments, in order to bring out the best taste and aroma.
We distinguish the characteristics of the tea leaves, carefully blend them to the make finest green tea for our customers to enjoy.
with customers
We deliver our finest tea face to face to our customers. Their expressions and comments are highly valued, and help us make improvements in our creation of taste.
To enrich the lives of farmers and customers, by producing outstanding quality Japanese Tea.
―This is our mission.
To enrich the lives of farmers and customers, by producing outstanding quality Japanese Tea.
―This is our mission.
Behind the scene
The "Japanese Tea culture" and the breathtaking landscapes of the green tea fields that have been passed on for over a century, are presently struggling for its existence.
The values of customers have changed over the generations, and the culture of enjoying "Authentic Japanese Tea" is diminishing. And Production of green tea is declining, due to the increasing number of abandoned tea farms due to the aging of farmers and the lack of successors.
We hope to preserve this wonderful culture, inherited skills and beautiful green tea fields. In order to achieve this, we work side by side with farmers, and consider it our mission to bring out the best of Aracha.
In addition, we not only protect the "Long established taste" but try pursue the taste and aroma enjoyed by the customers and "Create new taste". We take pride in valuing tradition and innovation, and will continue to refine the "Japanese Tea culture".