In order to provide customers around the world with high quality Japanese tea,
we make the following commitments with our manufacturer and parent company
Maruyama Tea Products Corporation.
A number of our products are certified by the JAS*. *EU, Canada organic equivalence.
Halal and Ou-Kosher
Our teas meet the standards of HALAL and OU-KOSHER. We have been certified by having our manufacturing process checked by a specialized agency.
Test by "Human Sense"
Only green tea that passed sensory testing (taste, aroma and color) by our experienced Tea Masters are commercialized.
Test by "Science"
All of our teas are tested for radioactivity, pesticide residue, contamination and other factors with the latest equipment.
Test by "Science"
The world top management system
Factory No.2 and 3 of Maruyama Tea Products Corporation has been certified with FSSC22000 based on the ISO22000 and PAS220 standards.
We carefully record details on when and who took part in the production, from the tea plants to the final packaging. This enables us to quickly deal with any problems that may occur during the production process.
Year-round Fresh
The purchased Aracha* is stored vacuum- sealed in a large freezer. This keeps the tea leaves at its best condition. Each time, only necessary amounts needed for the finishing process are taken from the freezer. This enables us to provide fresh green tea at all times. *Unrefined, material of Japanese Tea.
To protect the tea leaves from the 5 factors - light, humidity, air, temperature change and scent, we use equipment made by the best Japanese manufacturers. The tea leaves are then stored in a temperature controlled warehouse.