How to make ice green tea

Iced tea is a great refreshment when entertaining during the hot summer months.
Cold brewed iced tea maintains its deep green color.
If you brew green tea in chilled or cold water, tea maintains its vivid color.

Cold brewed tea

In a pitcher or large teapot, measure about 7 grams (1 Tablespoon)  tea leaves.
Pour 500 ml of cold water over the tea leaves.
Place the pitcher or teapot in the refrigerator overnight to steep and chill.


Ice cube brewed tea

Pour 15g/0.5oz Fukumushi-cha tea leaves into a pitcher or kyuusu (about 350㏄/12oz)and fill with ice cubes.
When the water is deep green and the ice cubes have melted the tea is ready to enjoy. Strain tea as you pour into glasses.